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W H I T N E Y   L Y M A N

P R E S S  K I T


Whitney Lyman is a singer-songwriter who originally established herself as a scene. Endorsed by Gibson Guitar and Mackie Gear, she has performed extensively including tours across the U.S. and Europe, on Jimmy Kimmel Live as a featured vocalist with Grammy-nominated act, Odesza, fronting as a lead vocalist and arranger for Seattle Rock Orchestra, and has appeared on KING5, KTLA, and NBC Palm Springs, as well as music festivals such as Sasquaatch! and Capitol Hill Block Party. Whether performing solo, with her band, or an entire orchestra she has the dynamic range to cover it all and captivate any audience. Now branching out her base to greater California and beyond, playing regularly at Temecula Valley wineries, and Palm Springs area. Available for high-end restaurants, weddings, wineries, private events, music festivals and more, her vibrant music will shine a spotlight on her years of experience, bringing her best covers of pop, rock, r&b, jazz, and her own soulful original songs that bring an ethereal mood to every stage.



"Seattle singer/songwriter Whitney Lyman can only be described as a kind of space traveler, able to embody any musical form required for the gig. She can go indie rock one minute, then turn a corner into dreamy pop with smatterings of folk and classical, into a gospel choir no one on earth’s ever heard before. Her voice is like that of two thousand angels descending down into the night, arms stretched outward pouring broken maple leaves and backward Northwest rain."  -AXS

"Local powerhouse singer-songwriter Whitney Lyman opened the night [for The Bird And The Bee] with a six-song set, making a noticeable impression on many in the crowd. Backed by a three-piece band, Lyman’s voice is a driving force. When she growls she’s sweet as pie, but her big notes howl like the wind." -Seattle Music News

"Whitney Lyman. She has some really superb songwriting and her music walks this really beautiful line between folk, pop, and rock, is that a line or more like standing somewhere in the middle of a venn diagram?" -Secretly Important

"The Theoretics reveal echoes of The xx’s earlier work. When the five-piece 'livetronica' band pairs with more subdued vocalists like Whitney Lyman (“Nightwalker”), the comparison only becomes more apparent, even irresistible." -Seattle Times

"Lyman writes music like a surrealist paints, layering the bizarre and the divine into one mind-expanding canvas."  - City Arts Magazine

"She has some really superb songwriting and her music walks this really beautiful line between folk, pop, and rock, is that a line or more like standing somewhere in the middle of a venn diagram?... Whitney has a certain cadence to her melodies that are really unique and jarring in the best way possible."  -Secretly Important


"She’s a rich, youthful blend of indie originality and easy popularity, with a magnetic voice and an intuitively fluid lyricism that captures the gothic majesty of a thousand ancient churches, headed light years into galactic reaches. Gauzy, cavernous, yet pure, able to pierce the heart of the story, the pulse of a catchy beat, the turns and spins of a melody ramp." (see more)

"Singer/songwriter Whitney Lyman can bring out the lyrical hook in any rough track, with a sound that’s a cross between nostalgia and visionary."      -The

"With her single, “Laser Beam”, Lyman just may have invented a new musical style: dream pop." -AXS

"Whitney Lyman‘s elegant voice lends itself well to such a beautiful song 'Laser Beam.'" -Northwest Music Scene

"More genre-flauting meta-music from Seattle's most forward-looking rockstar-shaman. "Mind Matter" is more immediately fun than Vox Mod's usual jams, a bouncy electro-pop nugget featuring lush vocals from Whitney Lyman. It'd be all over mainstream FM were there any justice in the world." -Jonathan Zwickel, City Arts Magazine

"All of the songs on the self-titled album [Supersonic Parachute,] are nicely arranged pop songs with R&B leanings that use Lyman’s voice particularly well, but it’s the fourth song, “Love is a Spark” that has me hitting replay over and over again..It has exactly what I look for in a great pop song: effervescent harmonies, a big, smart, catchy-as-hell chorus, a nicely constructed bridge and a sexiness that is both underlying and overt."   -Chris Burlingame, The Sun Break

"Pacific Northwest critics took notice, as did a growing group of fans. Transfixed by her voice, which seemed to go on forever, often on just one note, told a whirlwind of stories through inflection, phrasing and timbre. Her debut album incorporated as much of the world as she could muster, from Indonesia’s Gamelan bells and drums to a big band’s worth of sectionals." -Carol Banks Weber

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